Since 1985

Ceremony Party Organization

Beyazlale which has been a leading company in the floriculture sector for over 25 years opened Party & Organization Division in 1999 by the experience brought by floriculture and carried on the success achieved on this sector as well.

Beyazlale makes organizations with creative and custom designs and original concepts by its experienced personnel and enjoys the rightful pride of being the brand of choice in this field.

Beyazlale designs all details such as custom design invitation cards, modern wedding candies, personalized designs, indoor and outdoor ornaments, music equipment, fireworks etc and treats you as guests in your own wedding ceremony.

Beyazlale is proud of being known for its loyalty to the business, sensitivity and elaborateness. You shall definitely found a product special for you in the custom designed mesmerizing world of flowers.

Services that Beyazlale provides for you:
Balloon Decorations
Opening Ceremonies
Circumcision Feast Organizations
Henna Night Organization
Corporate Business Dinners
Wedding Candies
Host, Hostess Services
Invitation Card Print-Design
Special House Parties
Photography Production
Sound and Lighting Systems
Band and DJ
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